Inclusion in GARUDA Database


Dear all,

We are happy to announce that Salus Publica: Journal of Community Service has been accepted for indexing in GARUDA, the Indonesian national scientific journal database. This is a significant achievement for our journal, and it represents a recognition of the hard work and dedication of our editorial team and contributors.

GARUDA is a prestigious platform for Indonesian scientific journals, providing access to a wide range of research articles in various fields of study. Inclusion in GARUDA will expand the visibility of our journal and provide wider access to our readership.

We believe that this is a testament to the high quality of scholarship that our journal represents and to the important role that our contributors play in advancing knowledge and understanding in the field of tourism and business studies.

We would like to thank our editorial team, contributors, and supporters for their continued commitment to Apollo. We look forward to continuing to serve as a valuable platform for academic research and discourse.


Managing Editor,
Salus Publica: Journal of Community Service